Lamb country style – Myanmar

Lamb country style  - Myanmar

Serves 4

800g lamb shoulder, diced (yes it’s fatty but so tasty!)
500ml stock (veg/chicken)
250g green beans

2 x cloves garlic chopped finely
5 x small shallots (2 large ones) chopped finely
1.5 x tbs fresh ginger grated
1.5 x tbs fresh galangal grated (or use ginger)
2 x tbs of lemon grass (blended to a pulp with some water )
1 x tbs ground turmeric
1 x tbs brown sugar
1 x tbs tamarind paste
1 x tbs fish sauce
1 x tbs soy sauce
1 x chilli (or more if you like it hot) finely chopped
1 x half fresh lime per person for garnish
Ground nut oil

First make the paste
Blend the ginger, galangal, lemongrass to a paste ( add a little water if needed).
Heat some ground nut oil and seal the lamb cubes in a large (deep) pan then add the paste and continue to cook on a low heat for about five minutes.
Add the stock, soya sauce, brown sugar and turmeric, stir well and simmer very gently for about an hour (uncovered)

In the mean time, mix the garlic, shallots, tamarind paste and fish sauce in a bowl. Add this mixture to the pot after the first hour and cook for a further 30 min or until the lamb is nice and tender. Add the green beans about 10 minutes before your serve (or less, depending on your taste).

Serve with rice and a sprinkle of chilli and a wedge of fresh lime.


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