A journal of food from around the world as we experience it here, in our london neighbourhoods.

But what is foodprojectlondon?!

Foodprojectlondon is about exploring food and food culture  and about sharing what we’ve discovered (or rediscovered) .
This journey is about exploring how people do things differently and similarly with food.

Foodprojectlondon is about ‘promoting’ different cultures through food and exciting people to try something different. We are not aiming to provide restaurant reviews. Therefore we won’t tell you the restaurant name (unless you ask).

And finally….Foodprojectlondon is about sourcing, mixing, trying and presenting recipes for you to try at home. You can do that whilst listening to some traditional tunes that we’ve chosen, just to get you more in the spirit of things!

How does it work?!

First of all we look for food cultures that we know little or nothing about and find out more .

We talk to friends and try the restaurants and dishes they recommend.

And then the best bit… we eat and take the picture, look for authentic recipes, cook and take more pictures, listen to the music and share it all here

We hope that we inspire you to try at least one recipe (or at the very least give the music a listen).

Let the journey begin !


Comments/messages welcome !


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